How to buy a wall exhaust fan

A wall air exhaust fan is not something that is bought every day, and because of that, most people do not understand what they are looking for. If you already have a fan in your home and want to replace it, buying it is much easier than you think.

Determining dimensions

If you are looking for a wall exhaust fan, the first thing to determine is whether your current fan is already pre-wired and what type of hole it will leave when you remove it. Especially if you have a fan that has been there for decades, some newer fans may have slightly different dimensions. Therefore, be sure to measure both the fan and the hole that will be left behind.

You will find fans in a variety of sizes and also in depths, which is the distance from the inner wall to the outer wall. Make sure you know what this is before buying one.


Some fans can be connected to your current electrical system so that when you operate a switch, the wall exhaust fan turns on. It may also be useful to have easier access to the fan, in which case one with a switch on could help you more. You will find fans in both styles. You can even find some fans that work with remote control, allowing you total flexibility no matter where you are at home.


The location of your fan must be determined before you buy it. There is a simple reason for this: the air that your fan will process could be very different depending on where it will be located. For example, a wall exhaust fan that is in a bathroom will be required to withstand much more moisture than one that will be in your room. A fan in your kitchen will need to process not only moisture but also other contaminants, and that would require a different type of fan.

Where to buy

Buying your wall exhaust fan may seem like a complete mystery if you enter your local home improvement store. You see that there are hundreds of different types of fans for different purposes. That's why more and more people choose to buy their wall exhaust fan online. You can get a much better price and you will also get a greater variety of sizes and colors.

Because not all walls are white and not all owners want the same white air exhaust fan in their room, there are other options, such as those that are more decorative, those that protect from allergens and even those that help eliminate the humidity of your house. These can make life more habitable in your room and even increase the overall value of your home in the long term. You can checkout wall mounted bathroom exhaust fan reviews for buy a new one.

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